The path develops on the southern side of Etna around an altitude of 1.700 m a.s.l. in the area between Vetore Plain, the Black Mountain and the forest property. This route draws attention to some particular aspects of the territory as well as some important geological and botanical elements. In fact, during this route you can admire different types of lava flows, old eruptive cones, hornitos, some endemic plants of Etna such as the broom, the pioneer larch pine, the oak and the beeches. Furthermore you can visit the “S. Barbara Grotto”, an old “tacca”, a place used to collect snow which was brought down in the valley during the summer and the botanical garden called “New Gussonea”. This characteristic route is particularly suitable for the students or for people that prefer easy itinerary. It is important to book it in advance. It takes about 3 hours and it’s fairly easy. You can reserve it on specific request