The Bove Valley

The proposed itinerary will give you the opportunity to visit the Bove Valley, an extensive depression open on the eastern side of the mountain. It formed about 100.000 years ago after a series of consecutive collapses enlarged as a result of an erosion. The Bove Valley collects right inside the ancient eruptive centres of Etna such as the “Calanna”, the “Trifoglietto” and the “Mongibello Antico”, which are no more visible, since they are covered in by recent lava flows.

This excursion starts from the Rifugio Sapienza Square (at 1.900 m a.s.l. – south side of the volcano). Once reached about 2.500 m by a cable car, you will go down along a sandy canal up to a valley where, through various temporary cones and immense lava expanses, you will get near a rock called “Acqua Rocca degli Zappini”, where once there used to be a small waterfall among the steep sides of this site immersed in a wonderful beech-wood. Return to the starting point. This excursion takes about 5 hours, it is quite challenging, is possible to organize on specific request.

Rate from € 80.00 per person, all inclusive (cable car just one way, guide), including boots and trekking poles, jacket, for all those who do not have.