Where We Are

Nicolosi is situated at 702 m a. s. l. at the foot of Mount Etna and it is called “The Gate of Etna”, due to its strategic position between the sea and the mountain and due to the fact that it is the terminus for the excursions on the volcano. Nicolosi was born in the XII century and it is tightly linked to the foundation of the S. Nicolò Monastery, that has been totally restored and that today is the place of the “Etna Park”. Its history has always been influenced by the closeness of the volcano: in fact we can remember some of its most important and terrible eruptions, like that of 1669 from which the “Rossi Mountains” (so called for the colour of its detritus) originated and which destroyed, almost completely, Nicolosi, several residential areas and a part of the city of Catania and whose lava flows entered into the sea. We also remember, the eruption of 1886 from which “Gemmellaro Mount” originated and whose lava flows stopped at about 300 metres far from the town of Nicolosi, where the Cardinal Dusmet, the archbishop of Catania, had put on the ground the Saint Agata Veil. During the eruption of July/August 2001, lava flows stopped at about 4 kilometres before the residential zone of Nicolosi. In spite of the fact that it is always threaten by the terrific eruptions of the volcano, Nicolosi has become an important and well-known tourist centre as well as the place where visitors undertake an exciting and fascinating excursion on Etna. And precisely in Nicolosi Etna Touring is careful to provide an innovative and alternative tourism, by proposing to visitors different services to best enjoy theirs holidays.

How to find us


From Messina or Taormina: highway A 18 ME/CT.
From Palermo: highway A 19 PA/CT.
From Siracusa:expressway.
From all directionsi: It is advised to go along “the Ring Road”, to take the exit Gravina di Catania and to go on to Mascalucia until Nicolosi.


Bus-line AST:leaves from Catania (railway station) at 8:15 a.m. to Nicolosi/Etna Sud-Rifugio Sapienza and returns from Etna Sud-Rifugio Sapienza at 4:30 p.m.
In the summer, a second bus leaves from Nicolosi to Etna Sud-Rifugio Sapienza at 12:30 a.m. Bus-line AST from Catania to Nicolosi and vice versa every 50 minutes.

Transfer service from and to the place expected is available on request in Etna Touring.